Paying your rates

I want to pay by:

Credit Card and Account-to-Account payments

The Council’s online payments facility allows customers to pay Council debt and/or fees online. Credit cards (Visa or Mastercard ONLY) or account-to-account (Internet Banking) payments are accepted. Credit card payments will incur a merchant service fee.

When a debit card is used online is it treated the same as a credit card and online the merchant service fee applies. Further information specific to your debit card can be found on your banks website

Click here to pay by Credit Card or Account-to-Account 


Internet Banking/Direct Credit and Automatic Payments

When paying your rates, please take note of your rate assessment number on the left hand side of the invoice above the name and postal address and on the slip at the bottom of the invoice. The rate assessment number links your payment to the property.

If you pay by one of the above methods it is important that the instalment is paid in full by the due date, if not, penalties will be charged on the overdue portion.


What if I have sold or purchased a property?

If you have sold or purchased a property you need to check that the rates assessment number has been updated and that you are using the correct LRA number on any automatic payments or for internet banking. If this information is not updated, payments will continue to be credited to your old property rather than your new property.

Council takes no responsibility for payments credited to the rate account in error. For assistance or inquiries contact the Council’s Customer Services team by (03) 211 1777 – or email.


Rates and water billing

ICC BNZ Bank Account: 02 0924 0019668 02
PARTICULARS field: The name that appears on the invoice (12 spaces only available)
CODE field: The text LRA plus the assessment number.  For example, the assessment number from the rates or water invoice LRA 99991/2 would be entered into the Code field as LRA99991/2.
MULTIPLE property payments: It is essential that a separate payment is set up for each separately rated property using its own particular LRA number.



Payments can be made in person at the Council’s Invercargill or Bluff offices:

Civic Administration Building
101 Esk Street
Invercargill 9840

Bluff Service Centre
98 Gore Street
Bluff 9814

Please note: we no longer accept cheques.


Direct debit payments

The Council encourages ratepayers to pay by direct debit. This is often a painless way for many property owners to pay their rates without having to budget for the quarterly rates instalments.

Direct debit information

  • Weekly and Fortnightly Direct Debits are deducted on a Wednesday.
  • Monthly Direct Debits are deducted on the 15th and 20th of every month (or the following business day if the direct debit falls on a weekend or public holiday).
  • Quarterly Direct Debits are deducted on the due date for each instalment.

Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly direct debit amounts are calculated by Council to evenly cover the cost of your rates throughout the rating year.

To enable the forms to be loaded and actioned in time, we require them to be returned no later than 10 working days before commencement.

Forms can be emailed to:

Posted to:

Invercagill City Council
Private Bag 90104
Invercargill 9840

Delivered to:

Civic Administration Building
101 Esk Street
Invercargill 9840

Bluff Service Centre
98 Gore Street
Bluff 9814


Every year Invercargill City Council (ICC) will automatically update your payment amount to reflect the rating charges for that year and will advise you of your new payment amount in writing.

If a payment is dishonoured, you will be required to make a manual payment to bring your account up to date. If more than one payment is dishonoured, ICC reserves the right to cancel your direct debit arrangement.


Multiple Properties

Direct Debit applications for multiple properties using the same the bank account can be on the same form; however when using separate bank accounts you will need individual forms for each property.


Selling Your Property

If you sell your property, Council will stop the direct debit for that property when a request to do so is received from yourself, or your solicitor. If you purchase a new property, you will need to complete a new direct debit form – your direct debit will not be carried over to your new property.


Arrears resulting from property sales

If you have recently purchased a property and your rates account shows arrears still unpaid, please contact your solicitor and advise Council.



Penalties are charged for late payments. To avoid a 10% penalty rates instalments must be paid in full by the due date. An additional 10% penalty is charged, over and above the late instalment penalty, six-monthly on all previous years’ rates arrears which remain unpaid by June 30 and December 31.