Rates information

Rating year

The rating year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 and is divided into four equal instalments. With your first invoice for the year, you will receive a Rates Assessment Notice. This notice shows the total amount of rates you will pay for the entire rating year. Throughout the year, you will receive four rates invoices – one every three months. You can expect to receive your rates invoices about one month before the due date and this MUST be paid in full and on time.

Rates Assessment Notice

Summary of the different types of rates that you might see on your Rates Assessment Notice:

GENERAL RATE – paid by all ratepayers. This funds the operation of Environmental Health, Building Consents, Emergency Services, Grants, Total Mobility and Democratic Responsibility.

TARGETED RATES – paid by all ratepayers

  • Cemeteries Rate: Funds the operation of Council’s cemeteries.
  • Libraries Rate: Funds the provision of library services in Invercargill City and Bluff.
  • Parks and Reserves Rate: Funds the provision of parks and reserves in Invercargill City and Bluff.
  • Pools Rate: Funds the provision of aquatic facilities in Invercargill City and Bluff.
  • Regional Heritage Rate Funds a contribution to operate the Southland Museum and Art Gallery, Anderson Park Art Gallery, Bluff Maritime Museum, and other regional museums.
  • Resource Management Rate: Funds the function of resource management.
  • Roading Rate: Funds the provision of roading services.
  • Waste Minimisation Service Fee: Provides for education on and administration of the Solid Waste Activity.