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How to find valuation and rates information for a property:

  • Single property: enter the street number and street name.
  • All properties in a street (including flats and units): enter street but not a street number.
  • Individual flat or unit: enter the property number followed by a,b,c or d etc (no spaces) then the street name.
    Example: 24b TestName Street (the letter following the street number indicates the flat number eg a for Flat 1, b for Flat 2 etc).
  • Property owner details such as name and contact details are NOT displayed due to an amendment to the Local Government Rating Act 2002/section 28.
  • Terms and conditions: refer to the ICC website terms of use before accessing property information.
  • Rates information last updated July 2023.

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    1. The rates displayed are for the rates levied for the rating year 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. This is based on your rating valuation as at 1 September 2020.
    2. If there has been a change in your property valuation since 1 September 2020 (e.g. new build, subdivision, improvement or demolition) the rateable value used to calculate the rates may differ from the valuation displayed on this website.
    3. If you have any concerns about the rating information displayed or for Maori land valuation adjustments contact the Customer Support team on (03) 211 1777.