Road safety tips for Waitangi weekend

The NZ Transport Agency’s top tips for a safe Waitangi Weekend:

  • Take the time to check your vehicle: tyres (including the spare), indicators, windshield wipers, lights.
  • Allow plenty of time – make your journey part of the holiday.
  • Rest stops are important for the driver and passengers.
    If possible, share the driving.
  • For the latest on highway conditions, visit, or phone the Transport Agency’s 0800 4 HIGHWAYS info line.

The agency also suggests checking the congestion hotpots information at this page:
The tables in this PDF provide a snapshot of highway routes, dates and times where traffic congestion was particularly heavy during Waitangi Weekend in previous years. If you are able to avoid the congested times, do so. If not, be ready for a slower start or end to your trip.

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