Southland Museum and Art Gallery Board releases Tim Walker report

The Southland Museum and Art Gallery (SMAG) Trust Board at its meeting on April 2 resolved to publicly release museum consultant Tim Walker’s report entitled Reinventing the Southland Museum.

The report was received by the SMAG board in June 2019 but was not released due to several factors, including a request from the funding Councils that they be given time to consider and discuss the report because of the possible need for negotiations.

The Invercargill City Council has approved the proposal to transfer governance of the Museum activity from the SMAG Trust Board to the Council. This will be reflected in the Council’s 2020-21 Annual Plan.

SMAG Chair Toni Biddle said any further consideration of the report was on hold for the time being, because of the Covid-19 situation.

The Walker report can be viewed at