Fitness Classes


We offer a range of aqua classes no matter your age or fitness level.

Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, and are led by a qualified PT and massage therapist with post-grad in rehabilitation. We offer 5 different fitness classes, with varying levels of intensity:


Impact – Aqua

We are taking impact to the water!

Water depth: shallow water
When: Mondays at 8am / Wednesdays at 8am

No other workout brings you the excitement, intensity and physical benefits of impact, and we are taking it next level with an awesome new pool based class. From traditional boxing to kick boxing, this class is sure to bring the fun.



Add water power for a pool-based, total-body session.

Water depth: deep water
When: Tuesdays at 8am / Fridays at 8am

Challenge yourself with water resistance equipment, push your heart rate and rack up results while staying gentle on joints and muscles.


Aqua Wave

The latest addition to our fitness classes at Splash Palace.

Water depth: Wave pool
When: Tuesdays at 9.15am

Join us in the wave pool for an easily accessible fitness class in warmer water.


Aqua Move-mint

Cardio and strength movement combine to maximise the resistance of the water.

Water depth: shallow water
When: Thursdays at 8am

This class has been designed for those who have trouble with movement, valance, and/or may be recovering from injury. Have fun while working hard in this awesome deep water workout that incorporates both the pool and land.



Harness more water power in a fully aquatic strength-training and conditioning class that combines the very best of all our aqua classes.

Water depth: deep and shallow water
When: Mondays at 7.30pm / Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Aqua-X is a complete cardio and conditioning class using water resistance and equipment for a total body workout that takes your power to the next level. You will build strength, raise your heart rate and get an invigorating swim even while you’re hard at work.


Weekly Timetable




Day 8.00am 9.15am 7.30pm
Monday Impact – Aqua
Shallow water
Aqua – X
Shallow water
Tuesday Splash
Deep water
Aqua Wave
Wave pool
Wednesday Impact – Aqua
Shallow water
Aqua – X
Shallow water
Thursday Aqua Move-mint
Shallow water
Friday Splash
Deep water


Single session 10x sessions
Adult $9.20 $87.40
Student $7.00 $66.50
Senior $7.00 $66.50

Introducing Bailey

Bailey from Fusion Fitness
Bailey from Fusion Fitness

Meet Bailey! Bailey is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and a remedial massage therapist specialising in rehabilitation.

She holds a degree in Therapeutic and Sports Massage, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation, a Certificate in Personal Training, and is a qualified aqua-fitness, Metafit, TRX, and self-defence instructor!

She takes a creative approach to training and group fitness and is passionate about making workouts fun and suitable for all abilities.

Our fitness classes are provided by Fusion Fitness