Fees & Charges

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Casual rates

SwimSwim & Slide
Child / Student / Senior$4.90$11.40
Family of 2$22.10
Family of 3$32.20
Family of 4$18.50$38.00
Membership holder$6.50
Aqua Class session$9.00
Aqua Class session (Senior)$7.10
Swim Club$2.90


Flexi direct debit memberships

Admin fee

$20 per fortnight
$28 per fortnight

  • Open term
  • Unlimited Swimming
  • Suspend membership at any time for up to a maximum total of 60 days per calendar year
  • Sign up at reception now

Membership cards

Can only be used by people registered to the card. Membership cards are non-refundable.

  • 3 months: Child /senior / student $114.80
    3 months: Adult $159.40
  • 6 months: Child, senior, student $206.70
    6 months: Adult $286.90
  • 12 months: Child, senior, student $367.50
    12 months: Adult $510.00

Discount cards

  • 10 swim: Child/senior/student $41.60
    10 swims: Adult $57.80
  • 25 swims: Child/senior/student $98.00
    25 swims: Adult $136.00
  • 50 swims: Child/senior/student $183.00
    50 swims Adult $255.00
  • 100 swims: Child/senior/student $343.00
    100 swims: Adult $476.00
  • Aqua Class senior: 10 swims $67.50
  • Aqua Class adult: 10 swims $85.50
  • Concession Card/Membership Card $3.00

Membership and Discount Cards are non-refundable


Child 7 years + = All school children under 18 years of age.
Child 0-6 years = Children under the age of 7 years must be within arm’s reach of a supervising adult aged 16 years and over.
(Ratio one supervising adult ‚Äď two children
Student = Only available with full-time student ID.
Senior  = 60 years of age and over.
Family = Parent and their own school age children.
Discount Cards = Can be used at any time, but expire 12 months after purchase.
Membership Cards = Can only be used by the person registered to the card.
Spectator Charge = Does not apply to parents watching their children during public swimming, classes etc but does apply to events.
The spectator charge applies to swim events only and does not apply to parents or caregivers watching their children during public swimming, swim classes etc.


Lane hire

Our lane hire rates vary depending on the time of day you are looking to book. Refer to the table below for details on the cost of lane hire during peak and off-peak hours:


Swim school

Swimming lessons and classes for babies, pre-schoolers, school aged children and adults, and also details of school holiday classes. Full details and costs are outlined for each category.

School-term classes
Baby classes: Tadpoles and Frogs 8 x 30-minute lessons $79.20
Pre-school classes: Turtles 10 x 30-minute lessons $92.00
School-age classes: Lobsters, Porpoises, Dolphins and Sharks: 10 x 30-minute lessons $110.00
Penguins: 10 x3 0-minute lessons $110.00
Seals: 10 x 45-minute lessons $115.20
Mussels: 10 x 60-minutes lessons $120.30
Adult classes: 8 x 30-minute lessons $108.50

NOTE: Check the school term and holiday dates.

School holiday classes
5 x 30-minute lessons $52.50
5 x 45-minute lessons $73.40

Boating Survival and Safety Course: $31.40

Summer Swim School¬†‚Äď 5 lessons $52.50

Diving classes¬†‚Äď $62.70

One-on-one learn to swim classes
5 x 20-minute lessons $142.80
5 x 30-minute lessons $163.00