Strange objects found at Sandy Point

Dog owners are urged to be vigilant and consider keeping their dogs on-lead after strange objects containing meat and onions were found today at Sandy Point.

A member of the public took a dog to the veterinarian after it ate meat found at the Pitt Road car park at Sandy Point.

One of the objects found at Sandy Point

Parks Assets Manager Graeme Davies said a Parks ranger returned to the area with the member of the public and found an object which appeared to be flax tied around pieces of meat, onion, and flower petals.

Onions contain thiosulphate which is toxic to cats and dogs. Two similar objects were found in the area.

The veterinarian was not able to establish whether the dog had been poisoned, however it appears to now be well.

Council staff reported the incident to the SPCA.

Parks rangers will continue to be vigilant in the Sandy Point area with a particular focus on popular dog-walking areas.

If you believe your dog may have consumed one or part of these objects, please seek veterinary assistance. If people find such an object they can call the Council after-hours on (03) 211 1777.