Suqian is Invercargill’s sister city in the north of Jiangsu province, China, located on the Yangtze River delta, halfway between the China’s capital Beijing and the world’s biggest city, Shanghai. While the area is one of the cradles of human civilisation, with settlements dating back 8,300 years, Suqian City is only 20 years old.  This means it is beautifully designed, with modern, wide, tree-lined streets, plentiful parks and recreation areas and high-quality civic amenities.

Its 5.8 million people are spread into three counties (Shuyang County, Siyang County and Sihong County) and two districts (Suchen District and Suyu District). Under the guidance of Mayor Wang, Suqian is positioning itself as a multi-award winning city for efficiency and competitiveness, investment, habitability, sanitation, tourism excellence, gardens, environmental protection and energy conservation.


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Suqian places great emphasis on the ecological environment, while at the same time the city is working hard to increase its economic base.  The area is famous for poplars, flowers, silkworm cocoons, aquatic products, glass and liquor – producing six well-known liquor brands in China.


Its major industries include: food and beverage; textile and garment; mechanical and electrical equipment; smart household electrical appliances; environmentally friendly construction materials and functional materials. Suqian has the top credit rating in China, plus was ranked ninth out of 232 small and medium sized cities in 2016 by the Milken Institute of America and ranked fifth in a 2015 Report on Chinese Emerging Cities by The Economist.


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