Tags on yellow bins are not `strikes’

A yellow recycling bin that receives a green tag from WasteNet staff does not result in a “strike” against the property.

WasteNet’s Senior Waste Officer Donna Peterson said there was a common misconception that a green tag placed on a yellow recycling bin resulted in a strike being issued against their property under WasteNet’s Three-Strike Policy.

“Green tags are placed on recycling bins that contain minor non-recyclable items such as unwashed milk bottles, foil chip and biscuit packets and foam meat trays.,” she said. “The green tags issued under these circumstances are a reminder not to put the specified items into the yellow recycling bin in the future. Strikes are issued to properties when significant contamination such as food scraps, sanitary items, clothing, and garden waste are discovered in the recycling bins.”

“When a strike is lodged against a property, notification of the strike is sent to the householder in the way of a formal letter,” Ms Peterson said.

To find out more on what can be put in a yellow recycling bin, Southlanders can check the sticker under the lid of the yellow recycling bin, visit wastenet.org.nz, or contact their council for more information.