Trackside trees for the chop

The Parks Department today starts to remove trees adjacent to the railway line along the Bluff Highway between Bond and Williams Streets.

The work is being conducted in conjunction with Kiwi Rail due to concern that the trees pose a threat to the railway line.

Parks Manager Robin Pagan said the soft ground had resulted in many of the pine trees becoming unstable and falling on to the track.

“The trees were originally planted by Council to screen the operation of the open landfill site but now the area is closed and is being re-vegetated with native plants to beautify the area.

“We ask that people keep clear of the area at all times. Once the tree removal has been completed the area will be tidied, green waste added and additional plantings will be carried out,” Mr Pagan said.

None of the removed trees will be available to the public to collect for firewood because access to the site is restricted.