Two new roundabouts to start 2020

Work has started on the intersection of Dunns Road and Marama Avenue.

Work is starting on one of two new roundabouts for Invercargill this week, with traffic congestion and safety expected to improve once they are complete.

Last week, Invercargill City Council contractors began work at the intersection of Dunns Road and Marama Avenue in Otatara, where the first new roundabout will be built.

Roading Manager Russell Pearson said as Otatara has grown, so has the number of vehicles using the intersection.

Council recognised the need for a roundabout as traffic volume had increased, he said.

Work at the intersection is expected to take about three months, and those travelling to or from Otatara should be mindful of any speed restrictions and diversions as the works progress.

Mr Pearson said both the Burt Munro Challenge and Surf to City events had been considered, and allowed for during the works.

“We are also working to get some of the more difficult work done before school starts, to ensure the intersection will be safe for families and school children heading to school.”

Unfortunately, some motorists have not taken care during the first week of the works, and so new safety measures will be introduced from Wednesday, including permanent 30 km//h speed limits, and closures of Marama Avenue North.

Meanwhile, the intersection of Rockdale Road, Tweed Street, and Oteramika Road will also be changed to a roundabout, with work expected to start in the second half of February.

Mr Pearson said a section of Rockdale Road, near the intersection, required rehabilitation, making it an opportune time to implement the roundabout.

While a start date is yet to be confirmed, Council’s contractor will notify residents who may be affected prior to work beginning.