Unsafe Stead St Wharf closed

The condition of Invercargill’s historic Stead Street Wharf has been assessed as being unsafe for public use and it will be closed until further investigations are carried out, Parks Manager Robin Pagan said today.

“The wharf’s decking has decayed to such an extent that gaps and loose planks are creating trip hazards for pedestrians,” he said. “This, along with other concerns, has given us no choice but to close the Wharf until further investigations are carried out and solutions can be found.”

Stead Street Wharf is a Category II Historic Place.

Mr Pagan said while the wharf was now closed to the public, people could still use the car park and have access to the historic replica cutter and train.  Only the timber wharf was affected by the closure.

Council is taking this very seriously because it is a health and safety issue and a popular recreational spot.”