Waituna Lagoon gets the all clear

The latest water quality samples from Waituna Lagoon show no further sign of potentially toxic algae, easing fears of a disrupted start to the fishing season.

Monitoring by Environment Southland staff on 15 August 2017  showed a high abundance of planktonic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in Waituna Lagoon. The latest samples, taken on 13 September, have come back clear.

Director of Science and Information Graham Sevicke-Jones said that while the exact cause of  the appearance of cyanobacteria and subsequent disappearance was not known “the change in weather recently most likely created unfavourable conditions for the algae to grow”.

Environment Southland monitors cyanobacteria monthly at several river and lake sites across Southland; Waituna Lagoon continues to be monitored as part of the normal schedule.