Water-saving efforts eased

The Invercargill City Council water pumping station in Myers Street, Waikiwi, is slowly returning to normal operation today following overnight efforts by staff and contractors.

Council Water Manager Alister Murray said that while the  pump station was still in recovery mode, some of the pumps were now operational and water conservation efforts could be eased.

However, Mr Murray asked people to continue to be mindful of water use until at least 8am tomorrow (2 November).

“Please refrain from the use of unattended hoses or sprinklers for for watering lawns and gardens,” he said. “Hand-held use for short periods or the use of watering cans will be okay.” People should feel free to take baths or showers, and most usual water use would be okay.

“We’d like to thank the maintenance contractor who worked overnight to make a temporary pumping arrangement, and the businesses and residents of Bluff and Invercargill who responded to our call for water conservation yesterday,” Mr Murray said.

Yesterday’s calls for conservation efforts and warnings of the potential for a loss of water pressure were precautionary measures, Mr Murray said, and it appeared there was very little water pressure loss. He expected the pump station would regain full pumping capacity by the close of business today.

In regards to the contractor who was injured in yesterday’s explosion at the pump station, Mr Murray said it appeared the injury was not as  serious as first thought.