Wikitoria Room provides new space and place at theatre

The Civic Theatre is reimagining its spaces to provide better opportunities for both performers and audiences.

The first floor of the Civic Theatre has always been home to a large reception room, which has now been transformed into a theatrette.

Invercargill City Council venues manager Jason Wade said the space meant the grand old dame of Invercargill theatre would be more accessible to many for whom the Civic’s main stage and seating would be too large.

“It means the Civic Theatre will be more flexible in the kinds of performances we can accommodate, while also meaning we can run two shows on the same evening,” Wade said.

Seating about 100, this space is perfect for smaller performances and offers a more intimate space with cabaret-style seating available. It has also been designed for use of lecture-style meetings, food and product demonstrations and launches, and small cinema events.

Stunning curtains grace the windows while theatre-style curtains sit along one end, providing the ideal staging space for a musical performance, play or speaker, he said.

The Wikitoria Room, as it was recently renamed, is now also split in two, with the eastern end being available for conferences or large meetings.

“We want the Civic Theatre to be a real community hub and being able to present different styles of use is going to be hugely beneficial.”

People are welcome to come and have a look at the newly refurbished space and let their imaginations run wild.

The Wikitoria Room will be used for the first time in the upcoming event Upstage: Invercargill Festival of Cabaret, which starts this week.

The use of this room begins on Saturday night with Ladylike and continues with other performances including, Late Night Comedy, Michael Kuresa, and Double Act. More information and to purchase tickets for Upstage visit Upstage: Invercargill Festival of Cabaret | Invercargill City Council (

“We’re so excited just thinking about the kinds of entertainment we’ll be able to see here,” Wade said.