How the Council buys products and services

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  1. Background
  2. Procurement Policy
  3. Procurement Process
  4. Health and Safety Requirements
  5. Four Wellbeings
  6. Payment Processes
  7. Current Tenders
  8. Awarded Contracts
  9. Useful Links

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It’s an exciting time to be in Invercargill with large projects underway including Streetscapes, Museum redevelopment, Central City Block, Langlands Hotel as well as many smaller projects.

This page aims to outline how Invercargill City Council procures goods and services and to provide further information that will help suppliers and contractors to work with Council.

We will provide information on our procurement methods, tender processes, health and safety, payment processes and current and awarded tenders.


1. Background

Invercargill City Council approved the 2021-2031 ‘Roadmap to Renewal as part of the Long Term Plan process.  This roadmap forms the core of our strategy over the next ten years as we work to create a city with heart.

Council has approved funding for the next three years as follows:

Service 2021–22 2022–23 2023–24
Core capital projects $46.6m $32.1m $28.6m
Strategic Roadmap to renewal projects $18.6m $13.3m $16.3m

Long-term Plan 2021 – 2031 – Invercargill City Council (


2. Procurement Policy

This policy covers activities associated with the purchasing of all goods and services by or on behalf of Council. It applies equally to Council, Community Boards, the management team, all departments and staff.

Dependant on the value, complexity, risk and type of work a decision is made on which method we follow.

We aim to do this by:

  1. Obtaining value in expenditure of public money
  2. Ethical and fair treatment
  3. Probity, accountability and transparency
  4. Social equity
  5. Fostering local business

What will we be procuring?

  • Capital works and maintenance contracts for
    • Roads and Transport, Managing Climate Change, Water, Stormwater and sewerage, built infrastructure, parks and reserves
  • Specialist consultants
  • General consultants
  • Other general services and supplies when required

Types of procurement

Open Tenders

All projects over $100,000 will be advertised publically.  Council utilises the Government Electronic Tendering (GETS) website.  Interested parties are invited to register with GETS to receive notifications of upcoming public tender opportunities. There is no cost to this service.  All tenders will also be advertised on this page and we will provide details of awarded contracts on GETS and this page.

Closed Tenders

Council currently has consultant panels for Project Management and Quantity Surveying services for the Key Strategic Renewal Projects.  This panel is currently full but will be reviewed when required.

Request for Quotes

When the value of the contract will be between $10,000 and $100,000 Council will contact selected or specialist supplier to provide quotes.


3. Procurement Process

  1. Council determines requirements: scope, budget, timeline, health and safety
  2. Council select from the above procurement type and prepares the tender information
    • a detailed description of the goods or services required for respondents
    • response form template to be completed including schedule of prices
    • the conditions of the tender
    • the tender deliverables
    • a draft contract
  3. Council either publishes the tender on GETS and ICC website or contacts selected suppliers directly.
  4. Suppliers respond to the tender
    • read all of the documents provided
    • attend any pre-tender briefing sessions
    • check anything you do not understand with the nominated Council contact officer before the clarification period closes
    • plan and prepare your response
    • submit your response in the correct format before the closing date
  5. Council will evaluate the applications as outlined in the tender document and select a supplier.
  6. The contract is awarded and executed by the supplier and Council
  7. The unsuccessful suppliers are notified.
  8. Council staff manage the contract.

Unsolicited Proposals

Sometimes suppliers approach the Council with a proposal for something they think the Council needs outside a competitive tendering processes.  Generally Council will not accept these proposals and all procurement will follow the procurement policy.


4. Health and Safety Requirements

Council is committed to working with our suppliers to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our suppliers, staff, residents and visitors to Invercargill.

We ask all our supplies to have:

  • A health and safety system
  • Processes to identify and manage hazards and risks and safety at work
  • Safe plant and equipment
  • Adequate health and safety training and supervision
  • Appropriate resources, knowledge and expertise
  • Be pre-qualified through SiteWise

All suppliers to Council who will be providing physical works are required to be prequalified by registering with SiteWise

SiteWise is a pre-qualification system that grades a contractor’s health and safety capability and publishes that grade in a database that can be viewed by Council.  This allows for better contractor selection and an easier tendering process for everyone involved.

Contractor Accreditation – Invercargill City Council (


5. Four Wellbeings

Social and Sustainable Procurement is an issue being taken up by Procurement in NZ, Australia and Europe as a means to help achieve public and government expectations of meeting societal obligations.

Environmental sustainability

We’re helping our environment by looking for ways we can reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste generation and to improve the quality of the water we use.

Social responsibility

We’re contributing to our local communities and social wellbeing in Invercargill by promoting diversity, acceptance, and compassion for all people.  This included purchasing from local business and employment of vulnerable groups.

Economic benefit

We’re making a positive economic contribution to our city in lots of different ways – from using local businesses for goods and services we supply to supporting events that bring money into Invercargill.


Procurement may give weighting to services provided by Tangata whenua and / or Maori business.


6. Payment Processes

New suppliers to council will need to become an approved supplier and agree to the purchase order and contract terms and conditions.

Invercargill City Council has an automated payment process – this makes getting paid on time easy.

Before you start your invoice

  • Make sure you receive a purchase order number from your Council contact when the purchase is confirmed.
  • If it is a tax invoice, make sure it complies with the Inland Revenue requirements for a tax invoice.
  • If you have recently made any changes to your details (eg GST, address, bank account), or to your invoice format (eg changed from MYOB to Xero) – notify us at with proof of change as soon as possible so we can update our records. If your details do not match our records this could delay payment of your invoice.

Preparing your invoice

  • Include the correct purchase order number on the invoice.
  • On the invoice, address it to Invercargill City Council, 101 Esk Street, Private Bag 90104, Invercargill 9840


Sending your invoice

  • By email: Attach your invoice and supporting documents in a PDF format and email to:


Payment of your invoice

After receiving your invoice, it will be matched against our records and then processed for payment as per the agreed payment terms. Council will pay invoices on or around the 20th of each month following the date of the invoice unless alternative payment terms have been agreed in your contract.


7. Current Tenders

To be added.


8. Awarded Contracts

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9. Useful Links

Further information on procurement processes can be found in the following links