Meeting procedures

Any Meetings to be held during Alert Level 4 will be held via video conferencing.

A recording of those meetings will be published to this page as soon as possible following conclusion of the meeting.

  • With the addition of  – Legislative changes to the LGA02 and LGOIMA now in force This means that:
    • meetings can now be conducted via audio or visual links and will meet your quorum requirements (regardless of your Council Standing Orders);
    • meeting agendas, reports and minutes can now be posted on your website rather than in physical locations; and
    • requirements for meetings to be open to the public can be met without having to allow physical access. Instead:
      • if it is reasonably practicable, you must broadcast meetings live; and
      • as soon as practicable after the meeting ends you must do 1 or both of the following – make an audio or video recording of the meeting available on your internet site and/or make a written summary of the business of the meeting available on your internet site.
  • Parliament has made these changes to enable you to continue to make decisions and maintain transparency to your communities through the COVID-19 event.
  • The Response Unit is still urgently considering how best to progress other legislative changes to support you in meeting legislative requirements through the COVID-19 response and recovery. We continue to work with other agencies to consider the implications of their legislation on local government.

Under meeting procedures, members of the public are welcome to attend all Council meetings. Only elected members of council and those invited to speak to agenda items have speaking rights. Contact the Council’s Communications and Secretarial Services Manager (03) 211 1678 for more information.


Unless otherwise specified, meetings are held in the Council Chambers/Committee Room (Civic Administration Building, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill) or in the case of the Bluff Community Board, in the Bluff Senior Citizens Association building at 10 Onslow Street, Bluff.

Attendance and participation

Members of the public are invited to attend Council meetings (unless otherwise specified) and may also request to speak to the appropriate committee or to the Bluff Community Board.

Agendas and minutes

Copies of Council meeting agendas are available online and from the Council’s Bluff and Invercargill offices two days before the meetings.


The Council (both elected Councillors and appointed management and staff), its committees and community board have regular meetings to discuss local issues and policies, including how the Council’s money should be spent. The meeting procedures, processes and decision making are typically formal and follow a set protocol which is overseen by the Council’s Secretarial Services Manager.

Bluff Community Board: Invercargill has one Community Board, the Bluff Community Board, which includes elected members of the community and also one Council representative (Councillor). The board meets every six weeks.

Committees: There are four Council committees whose members are selected from the elected Councillors. Most of the reports from Council staff are presented at the committee meetings. Meetings are held approximately once every eight weeks.

Council: Council meetings have a set agenda and allow the elected members (Mayor and Councillors) to make decisions on behalf of Invercargill residents and ratepayers. Council meetings are held approximately once every two weeks.
Other: This includes other Council-related meetings and hearings.

Youth Council: The Youth Council has a set agenda like Council meetings (but the meetings themselves are less formal). Youth Council meetings are held approximately every six weeks.