New parking meters coming to Invercargill

Invercargill is set to introduce digital pay-by-plate parking meters in the city in December 2021. These meters are simple to use and offer a wider range of options to pay for parking, including card, app, online and coin.

The new modern kiosks, which have a colour and touch screen, will be placed at multiple locations on the city streets where paid parking is in place, at the Leven St car parking building and both public car parks on Esk St and Don St.


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Latest news: New parking meters coming to Invercargill
Have questions? New Parking Meters FAQs [PDF]


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the changes coming?
You will see the new parking kiosks start to appear in our city streets when installation begins in mid-November ready for the switchover in the week beginning Monday 13 December.


Why are we upgrading our machines?
We’re upgrading our meters to ensure we can offer our community more payment options in a more modern and reliable machine. They are user-friendly for the customer and will increase efficiency for our parking teams. They are solar powered and don’t use paper, so they’ll be more environmentally friendly.


How will the new meters work?
The new machines use a ‘pay-by-plate’ system, which means you will need to remember your vehicle registration plate number. When you park your vehicle in a paid parking zone, you will need to find your nearest kiosk, input your registration plate number and follow the prompts on the colour touch screen. You can pay at the machine with coins or card via Paywave.

You can also use your phone to scan the QR code at each kiosk, which will take you to the website where you can pay online, or alternatively you can pay for your parking by downloading the Pay My Park app (available on iOS and Android)

You’re also welcome to speak with one of our parking enforcement team on the street or visit our customer service team at 101 Esk St for guidance on how to use the machines.


Can I check how much time I have left?
Yes, you can input your registration plate number into any machine to check your time balance or top up your parking time. You can also do this via the app or on the website (via the QR code).


Can I get a receipt for my parking?
Yes, but the machines are paperless, so it will need to be emailed to you. When you complete payment of your parking you will be asked if you want an eReciept. Select ‘YES’ and a code will be displayed on screen. To get a copy of the eReceipt:

  • Note down the code
  • Go on-line to
  • Enter the eReceipt code and your vehicle plate number.

You only have to set this up once per registration plate.


Are parking charges and infringement fees going to change?
Yes, there are some changes to the hourly rate of parking and we will move to a tiered rate based on the time you park each day. Currently, parking is a flat rate of $1.50 per hour with time limits in place. Under the new system, there are no time limits, but the longer you stay the more it will cost.

The new system is charged in 15-minute increments and gives you 30 minutes of free parking each day. It will cost $1 for a full hour, $3 for two hours, and $4 per hour after that, each day. The minimum charge is 50 cents, and there is no surcharge for using your credit card at a parking kiosk. Other fees are payable when using the app or website.

Please remember, even if you only intend to park for 30 minutes, you must still register your vehicle at the parking kiosk, via the PayMyPark app or website using the QR codes for access.

When the paid time has expired, that plate is no longer validated and you may be issued with an infringement notice.

Parking infringement costs will also look different. Currently expired meter parking fines are set at $12. The new parking system means that infringements come under a separate offence, in which fines range from between $12 and $57, dependent on the paid time exceeded or if you have not entered your vehicle registration number.


Parked in a parking space exceeding time paid for at a pay and display, pay by space or pay by plate method:
Not more than 30 minutes$12.00
More than 30 minutes but not more than one hour$15.00
More than one hour but not more than two hours$21.00
More than two hours but not more than four hours$30.00
More than four hours but not more than six hours$42.00
More than six hours$57.00
Failed to pay for parking at carparks using pay and display, pay by space or pay by plate method$40.00


Can I move around parks and continue to use my credit?
Yes, you can move around between on-street parking and continue to use your credit if it’s in the time period already paid.

Each of the off-street car parks have their own zones, so you can not move from on-street to off-street parks using the same credit or time period paid for.


Will the new meters be installed in areas that are currently free parking?
The new meters will be installed in some parts of the city that currently do not have metered paid parking, including parts of Forth St, Clyde St, Wood St, Liddel St and The Crescent.

Map showing the current and new paid parking areas in the CBD

This is to ensure we can more effectively support our city businesses and retailers by keeping traffic and visitors to the city flowing through these areas.


What happens if I put the wrong vehicle licence plate number in the machine?
If you realise you have put the wrong plate number into the machine you can cancel the transaction before it is complete. If you have accidentally used the wrong plate number and you get a ticket, bring the infringement notice in to our friendly customer service team at 101 Esk St, and we can discuss this with you.


Do I need to display a parking ticket in my windscreen?
No, there are no more paper tickets. Our parking team will be able to make sure you’re all paid up by scanning your licence plate.


What will happen to permit parking for tradespeople?
A new permit system will be introduced to replace the current meter bag process. It will allow tradespeople to register and pay online for their park. The system will record the vehicle registration plate, the start and end dates, and when authorised by Council, the vehicle can park without infringements. There will be no meter bags, and the charge will remain at $15 per day.


What is happening to the old “lollipop” meters?
The current meters will be removed after the new kiosks are installed. We are still working through the plans for our old vintage-style parking meters, but it is anticipated that some of these will be available for purchase. It’s worth noting that the old meters will have had the money boxes removed and a special key is required to open them. These keys are difficult to obtain.




  1. Ratepayers who have reached the age of 80 and still have a current driving licence receive free parking permits. A permit allows the holder free parking at on-street meters for the time stated on the meter.
  2. If you receive a parking ticket and it remains unpaid, it is lodged with the Ministry of Justice and a Court cost (which is currently $30) is added to the parking ticket fee. If the fee remains unpaid and the Court is required to take action further Court costs are added.



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