ILT gives further $500,000 for new museum

Invercargill’s new museum has been given another funding boost of $500,000 from ILT, bringing the organisation’s total funding commitment to $1 million.

ILT Group originally announced funding support of $500,000 for the Invercargill City Council’s project to rebuild Invercargill’s museum in April, and this month announced its further support.

The project, dubbed Project 1225 to reflect Council’s intention to deliver the base build of the new museum by December 2025, also includes the build of collection storage facility in Tisbury and a dedicated tuatara facility in Queens Park.

ILT chair Paddy O’Brien said he was pleased to be able to offer further support to the project.

“We share the community’s enthusiasm for this project and are thrilled to approve an additional $500,000 of funding, on top of the $500,000 already committed earlier this year.

“Given the significance of this project to our city, ILT will do everything within our ability to support it.”

Council Chief Executive Michael Day said he was grateful for the ongoing support of ILT.

“We are thrilled that this project is being so well supported by the local community. It cements for us that this museum is going to be a great asset for the city and region.

“I’d like to once again thank the Board for choosing to support this once-in-a-lifetime project with a second round of funding.”

Council Group Manager Infrastructure Erin Moogan said the funding came at a time when the project was really beginning to ramp up.

“This is a really exciting time with the tuatara concept designs out and the concepts for the museum coming out this week. This funding is really helping bring this exciting project to life and we really appreciate the faith that is being shown in this project.”