LIMs online

People can now apply for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) through the Invercargill City Council’s website.

Previously a physical copy of the application needed to be filled out. Now, anyone can apply and pay for a LIM request entirely online. They will then receive an electronic copy of the  LIM.

A LIM is prepared by the Council to help provide useful information to people buying or selling property. It includes checks by various Council departments and aims to tell you what the Council knows about the property. A buyer will gain additional information, which might help their decision making process; a seller might benefit by being better equipped to answer questions from potential buyers.

Pamela Gare, the Council’s Director of Environmental and Planning Services, said: “We have been working towards bringing LIM applications online in an effort to make the process easier and faster for both the general public and for staff. We hope to bring other services online in future.”

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