Refunds for incorrectly issued parking infringements

Invercargill City Council has made the decision to refund all parking tickets between 1 July 2022 and 29 February 2024 that were incorrectly issued under the current Parking Control Bylaw.

Any tickets that have been issued, for failing to activate the parking meter in a metered space will be cancelled and refunded.

Council Chief Executive Michael Day said the Council had an obligation to the community to ensure Bylaws were accurate and enforced correctly.

“As a Council it’s important that we take ownership when a mistake has occurred and ensure that we remedy the situation as quickly as possible. In this instance, we will be refunding and cancelling a number of parking infringement notices, which have been incorrectly charged.

“We have already started the process of identifying those impacted and will continue to work with the community as we move through this. If you believe you have been impacted, please visit the Council website for further information.”

Any outstanding infringement notices that have not been paid have been automatically cancelled and a letter confirming this has been sent to the to the owner of the vehicle.

The ownership details of a vehicle are only passed on to Council from Waka Kotahi 28 days after an infringement notice has been issued, meaning anyone who has paid a fine within this period will be required to request a refund.

Members of the public who believe they are entitled to a refund are encouraged to visit: and fill out a refund request.

Council is currently proposing amendments to the Parking Control Bylaw which will be open for consultation from May 29 to June 28, 2024. Proposed changes include making the bylaw easier to understand and, following feedback from thje disabled community, proposing to trial disabled taxi parks in the

city centre.
When consultation opens, more information can be found on the Council website.