Security measures considered after vandals target Stirling Point again

Further security measures at Stirling Point in Bluff will be considered after glass panelling at the viewing platform has been vandalised again, just a day after previous damage was repaired.

The glass panels at the Stirling Point lookout were replaced in December after the viewing platform had been the target of vandals three times since October 2022.

Group Manager Infrastructure Erin Moogan said unfortunately, vandals had again decided to target the glass panels, which would result in further closures and repairs of the viewing platform.

It cost $10,000 to replace a panel and to date, six glass panels had been replaced, costing the community a total of $60,000, she said.

To replace a seventh damaged panel would cost another $10,000, Moogan said.

The repair is on hold while Council investigates an alternative barrier to the glass panels.

“Because the panels continue to be a target of vandals, we are now having to consider a solution that is potentially not as visually appealing as what has previously been there in order to prevent further damage.

“It’s a shame the actions of this person or people has resulted in us having to consider changing the aesthetic of Stirling Point, but it’s becoming a very expensive problem that we need to remedy.”

Bluff Community Board chairman Ray Fife said a great deal of money had been spent on the platform, which serves as a visitor’s drawcard when they come to Bluff, and he was disappointed it had once again been targeted.

“The whole Bluff Community Board is absolutely dumbfounded as to why it has been vandalised yet again.

“It’s an iconic spot for visitors to come to and get photos, and it usually looks great, so it’s really disappointing that people continue to cause it damage.”

Moogan and Fife encouraged anyone who sees anything suspicious at Stirling Point, or vandalism to report it to Police.