Our consultation for the Long-term Plan 2021–2031 is now closed. This was formally adopted by Council on Wednesday 30 June 2021. To find out more about our strategy, key decisions and financial plans, please see: Long-term Plan 2021–2031.

Council has put together the proposed Roadmap to Renewal showing the strategic community projects it wants to deliver, how much they will cost and when they will be delivered.

We are consulting on options for three of the projects in the roadmap:

  • City Centre Masterplan – Streetscape and Urban Play
  • Southland Museum and Art Gallery
  • Rugby Park

Read the options in the consultation document.

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City Centre Masterplan – Streetscape and Urban Play

Te anga – whakamua mō te rito o te tāone me ōna waahi tākaro

Should we invest more in play to make you stay?

Council has engaged with the community on the development of a City centre masterplan which will guide how it invests in improvements to the street design, furniture and facilities in the blocks between Don St and Deveron St and Esk St and Tay St.

The masterplan will help to create a vibrant city centre supporting the investment in the City Block development.  Streets are for people.  We want to increase foot traffic and encourage people to stay longer in the CBD. We will be working on a play strategy for the whole city.  We propose making provision now in order to kickstart urban play in the city centre.

See the options for the city centre in the consultation document.

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Project overview

City centre masterplan

Anderson House

Anderson House was gifted to the Council in the 1950s by the Anderson family.  The house sits in Anderson Park and was previously open to the public and used as a place to display art. It was closed 30 January 2014 as it was assessed as a serious earthquake risk.

Council will make improvements to make the building safe and enable the building to be open to the public in 2021.

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Project overview

Anderson House report

Southland Museum and Art Gallery

Niho o te Taniwha

The Southland Museum and Art Gallery was closed due to earthquake risk in 2018.

We’ve consistently heard that the Southland Museum and Art Gallery is one the community’s top priorities.  He Waka Tuia, a partnership between Southland Museum and Art Gallery Trust and the Invercargill Public Art Gallery, opened last year providing a transitional hub in the city centre.  To find a long-term solution for the museum is going to take time and money.

See the options for the Southland Museum and Art Gallery in the consultation document.

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Project overview

Southland Museum and Art Gallery report

Water Tower

The Water Tower is an icon of Invercargill City. This beautiful building is a landmark but also still plays a back-up role in the City’s water system. It needs to be made earthquake safe to ensure it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.  Council has been working with consultants and Heritage New Zealand to ensure that the planned work will meet required standards.  It is not yet known if it will be possible for the building to be reopened to the public.

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Project overview

Projects in the Bluff Masterplan – Bluff Boat Ramp renewal

Tourism has been identified as a major development opportunity for Motupōhue Bluff as part of the Murihiku Destination Strategy. Council has worked with Iwi and Great South to develop a tourism masterplan for Bluff.

“A special place, that connects the community and visitors with the landscape, our marine environment and our visitor economy, within a culture of respect, safety and care”

Council has the opportunity to support the implementation of the masterplan through providing investment to support projects included in the masterplan.  These include a wide range of projects, including some which are already being led by Council, such as the Invercargill-Bluff Cycle Trail and the Bluff Boat Ramp.

Bluff tourism masterplan projects that Council is already supporting include the Bluff Boat Ramp and the Bluff Hill Active Recreation Hub Carpark.

When deciding where to invest in the future Council would work closely with the Bluff community board, Iwi and Great South and engage with the local community to seek feedback.

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Project overview – Bluff Boat Ramp

Bluff Motupōhue 2020 Tourism Master Plan – Draft

Surrey Park Grandstand

Surrey Park Grandstand is located beside the ILT Stadium.  The facility is used by athletics and some other sports groups. Strengthening work is required to make the Grandstand safe. The work will be undertaken in 2022.

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Project overview

Surrey Park Grandstand report

Rugby Park

Te Papa Whutupaoro

Rugby Park is known as the home of rugby in Southland.  Council intends to purchase Rugby Park from the Invercargill City Charitable Trust. Following a review of the future needs for a regional rectangular sports field complex, Rugby Park remains the best location for this for the next fifteen years.

The preferred option to improve Rugby park is presented as a staged approach.  Council will fund Stage One (deferred maintenance and strengthening) and external funding would be required for Stage Two (facility improvement)

See the options for Rugby Park in the consultation document.

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Project overview

Rugby Park report

Arts and Creativity Invercargill

Arts and Creativity Invercargill is a creative hands-on community facility which is proposed for the city centre.

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Project overview

Arts and Creativity Invercargill report

Additional Pool at Splash Palace

Splash Palace includes a range of aquatic facilities which are used by people from many parts of the community.  The new hydroslide will be completed shortly.  As Invercargill’s population gets older it is also important to ensure we can support the needs of people who need more accessibility features.  A new pool is proposed to be completed in 2031. Full scoping would be completed nearer to the time.

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Project overview

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