Queens Park Earns Bronze In International Award

Queens Park has been named a bronze award-winner in the 2019 International Large Urban Parks Awards.

The International Large Urban Parks Awards enable cities around the world to benchmark their performance and understand where improvements could be made.

The awards are based on four main criteria:
• Park Design and Layout• Features and Facilities
• Protection and CommunityEngagement and Involvement
• Park Management and

The Awards are given in three Categories:
• Gold Award ≥ 800 Points
• Silver Award 650 – 799 Points
• Bronze Award 500 – 649 Points

Awards Jury Chair Richard Murray said the awards highlighted best practices in urban park management. “These 2019 awards reflect the global importance of urban parks – spaces that help with health, the environment, and community cohesion.”

Chapultepec Bosque in Mexico City, Mexico – Gold.
In the largest conurbation in the Americas, the park offers a sevensquare-km green lung to millions of people. By citizens´ and city engagement, it is now well on its way to being restored to its full potential providing recreation, culture, history, and biodiversity.

Shakespeare Regional Park in Auckland, New Zealand – Silver.
A peri-urban park, it offers the residents of Auckland, the most populous urban area in New Zealand, with easy access to a large nature reserve with rich biodiversity in close proximity to the city. Well-protected and managed vegetation and wildlife – in cooperation with Maori representatives – trails, beaches, and lodging provide urbanites with nature experiences and recreation.

Penang City Park in Georgetown, Malaysia – Bronze.
It is a well-equipped and wellmanaged large park on the outskirts of the city, full of amenities for all ages. It provides sports and play opportunities in a well-groomed green surrounding. NGOs take an active part in arranging events in the park.

Queens Park in Invercargill, New Zealand – Bronze.
It is a city park, centrally located in the town, providing strolling opportunities in a series of gardens with various themes. A large part of the park holds a golf course