In order to pipe water from the Branxholme Water Treatment Plant to Invercargill and Bluff reservoirs, water pipelines must be laid on both private and public property.

Individual agreements

The Council has individual agreements with the property owners whose land the pipes cross. The agreements include details about installation and on-going maintenance of the water pipeline; repairs and restoration to the surrounding land, buildings and environment; water consumption; and excess charges. The agreements are between the parties concerned and information about the specific agreements cannot be discussed or given without the premission of the parties concerned.


Water from the pipelines can be used by the property owner, their tenants or other persons lawfully in occuption of the land. As part of the agreement property owners are granted by the Council the first 454.61m3 (100,000 gallons) of water free of charge, thereafter they pay per cubic metre. (refer Water Fees for more information).

Water meters

In order to measure the water usage the Council installs water meters which are read by the Council’s contractor on a quartely basis.