Membership Benefits

Membership cards

Can only be used by people registered to the card. Membership cards are non-refundable.

  • 3 months: Child /senior / student $119.50
    3 months: Adult $168.80
  • 6 months: Child, senior, student $215.20
    6 months: Adult $303.80
  • 12 months: Child, senior, student $382.50
    12 months: Adult $540.00

Terms and Conditions for Y Southland:

Splash Palace members can receive a discount of:
  • Y Southland adult membership @ $500/year or $9.61/week (saving of $99)
  • Y Southland family membership @ $800/year or $15.38/week (saving of $135)

            Please note age restrictions may apply.


Please Note:

  • Y Southland family membership covers 1– 2 adults living under the same roof. It also covers any children/young people living in your home.
  • Y Southland family membership needs to have payments coming from one account each week (or be paid in one lump sum)
  • Kids under 14 must always be within arm’s reach of a guardian but are more than welcome to use the gym equipment. Our trainers can set a suitable programme for young people.

Memberships include access to all of the Y Southland facilities, including group fitness classes, sauna and climbing/bouldering and 24/7 access to the Gym.

Flexi-memberships will be for a 12-month period at a reduced price and, if at the end of 12 months you are still a member of Splash Palace, you will continue the discounted price for another 12 months.

More info regarding the Y fitness centre memberships is available here: