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We are pleased to confirm that Swim School will be open from Monday 25th May under level 2 guidelines. Due to level 2 restrictions (including physical distancing) adjustments have been implemented to ensure a safe environment for you and your child/children as well as our instructors.

Please note the following:

1: Enrolment forms previously filled in for term 2 prior to lockdown will not be used. If you would like to enrol your child for term 2 you will need to complete the Swim School Application form (available on the website) and email to swimschool@splashpalace.co.nz.

2: When requesting an enrolment please provide the day and time that you would like to book according to the timetable, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

3: All swim teachers will be on poolside during lessons and we will therefore not be doing Lobster classes during term 2.

4: Tadpoles (6 – 18months) and Frogs (18months – 3 years): maximum of 4 students per lesson, a parent/guardian will need to accommodate the learner in the pool while an instructor guides the lesson from poolside.

5: Turtles lessons (3 – 5 years): maximum of 2 children per lesson, a parent/guardian will need to accommodate the learner in the pool while an instructor guides the lesson from poolside.

6: If the learner is enrolled for one of the following advanced classes we would appreciate, where possible parent’s co-operation by not sitting poolside during the lesson due to the level 2 space restrictions: Porpoise, Dolphins, Sharks, Mussels, Penguins, Seals.

7: Due to the level 2 restrictions we have limited space available for each class and appreciate your understanding when booking lessons.

8: Term 3 bookings will be open at a later date to be determined according to our ability to operate under the prevailing Alert Level.

9: Term 2 lessons will run once a week over the course of 6 weeks; 25th May – 07th June.

10: Public Holiday: 1st June Queen’s birthday – no lessons on this day. There will be lessons on Saturday 30th May.

11: Paid lessons that were unable to be completed prior to lockdown will receive a pro-rata credit that will be apllied to this or future bookings.

Please contact swim school via email swimschool@splashpalace.co.nz or phone call 03 217 7506 if you would like any further information.

Splash Palace Swim School Terms and Conditions

The Splash Palace Swim School provides quality and affordable swimming lessons at the Splash Palace and Bluff pools. The Swim School focuses on providing confidence for children in and around water and to advance their abilities to a level where they can participate in aquatic sports and other recreational activities.

“In the water teaching” for babies to beginners is part of the unique programme offered by the school’s qualified, professional and dedicated swim teachers. Small class sizes ensure individual tuition. Achievement certificates are awarded at the end of each course.


Splash Swim School has 14 trained teachers. They all hold or are working towards their Aust Swim STA award, and three teachers have a Diploma in Swim Teaching. Each teacher has a current first aid certificate and Pool Lifeguard award. Splash Palace is also a Quality Swim School, a standard set by Swimming New Zealand.

Classes and prices for 2020

All prices include GST and pool entry

School-term classes
Baby classes: Tadpoles and Frogs 8 x 30-minute lessons $79.20
Pre-school classes: Turtles 10 x 30-minute lessons $92.00
School-age classes: Lobsters, Porpoises, Dolphins and Sharks: 10 x 30-minute lessons $110.00
Penguins: 10 x3 0-minute lessons $110.00
Seals: 10 x 45-minute lessons $115.20
Mussels: 10 x 60-minutes lessons $120.30
Adult classes: 8 x 30-minute lessons $108.50

NOTE: Check the school term and holiday dates.

School holiday classes
5 x 30-minute lessons $52.50
5 x 45-minute lessons $73.40

Boating Survival and Safety Course: $31.40

Summer Swim School – 5 lessons $52.50

Diving classes – $62.70

One-on-one learn to swim classes
5 x 20-minute lessons $142.80
5 x 30-minute lessons $163.00