Tips for healthy homes

Eco Tips

This page features 8 short and sharp video tips to help you keep your home healthier, warmer and drier over winter; there are also links to eco design websites. The tips:

Eco Tip No. 1 Reducing Moisture
Eco Tip No. 2 Reducing Moisture
Eco Tip No. 3 Home Ventilation
Eco Tip No. 4 Reducing Heat Loss Through Windows
Eco Tip No. 5 Reducing Heath Loss Through Windows
Eco Tip No. 6 Home Heating
Eco Tip No. 7 Draft Stopping
Eco Tip No. 8 Effective Insulation


Further Resources

HomeFit is a straightforward way to check how easily a home can be kept warm, dry and safe. Just answer the simple questions and it will create a report that will guide you on what needs improving.

Eco Design Advisors
An introduction to the service – and examples of the work eco design advisors are doing to help promote good building, forward thinking and thoughtful living in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Heat Smart: Warm Up New Zealand
Government grants scheme for roof and floor insulation and clean heating

This website focuses on designing and building homes that have less impact on the environment and are healthier, more comfortable and cost less to run. It is funded by the Building Research Association of New Zealand , which provides research, testing and information for the building and construction industry.

Smarter Homes
This Government site aims to provide clear, independent, factual information about sustainable home design, building and lifestyle options.