Clean Air

Environment Southland released its Regional Air Plan for Southland on September 6, 2014. The proposed rules update the previous air plan, which is being reviewed to reflect the community’s health values, the region’s air quality issues and the Government’s national Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES).

Many Invercargill residents will be affected by changes to the plan. From September 6, 2014 a NES approved burner is required when installing a new burner or replacing an existing burner or fireplace within the Invercargill airshed.

NES approved burners are wood burners that meet national environmental standards for emissions and thermal efficiency. There are no NES-approved multi-fuel or coal burners at present. Open fires and non-approved burners/boilers are being phased out of use. The use of open fires will be prohibited from September 1, 2015. Non-approved burners/boilers will be phased out from January 1, 2016 to  January 1, 2029. There are also proposed rules for outdoor burning in winter and what can be used as fuel for home heating.

At a glance

The Breathe Easy document allows to you to see at a glance how the home heating proposals affect you, and the Clean Air Council Loan document explains the loan process to help ratepayer(s) with eligible properties to instal approved insulation and approved heating.

Breathe Easy – the new rules for home heating
Clean Air Council Loan Information

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