John Street Reserve

Environmental Reserves Management Plan

Location and Access

John Street Reserve is located at John Street, Otatara, approximately six kilometres south of Invercargill.

The reserve is bordered on all sides by residential properties.  Several properties have forest immediately adjoining the reserve.  Just beyond housing to the east, is another remnant of forestation which is managed by Department of Conservation.

Pedestrian access to John Street Reserve is along an access strip off John Street.  Access is unavailable to residents on the eastern side.  An informal trail provides access to part of the Reserve.

Vehicle parking is along John Street.

General Use

John Street Reserve is used for outdoor recreation by local residents in and around John Street and in the Otatara community.

The grassed area becomes an open space for public use, enjoyment and recreation at any time. An informal grass trail forms a loop through the grassy clearing.


Play equipment includes: two sets of swings – one set of two for older children and a toddler swing beside them – as well as a seesaw. The swings and seesaw are located within the Reserve area, amongst the forestation, next to the open clearing.