The Invercargill City Council has more than 70 playgrounds, most of which are found in small neighbourhood parks.

Fitness cube among new playground attractions

Image of Wagner Street playground updates

A new fitness cube at the Wagner Street Playground provides children with climbing and overhead activities.  It includes a monorail that offers movement similar to a flying fox and a basket swing offers fun for all ages and abilities. The Wagner Street and Waiau Street entrances  are connected to the playground by a new path and a low timber barrier has been erected along the frontage to keep vehicles off the grass.

Playgrounds are designed and maintained to New Zealand Safety Standards requirements, and the Council undertakes monthly and biennial safety checks to verify this. If you discover play equipment that has been damaged or appears unsafe, immediately contact the Parks Department by (03) 219 9070 or email.

Please note dogs are not allowed within 10 metre’s of playgrounds  View the ICC Dog control policy


Anderson Park91 McIvor RoadInvercargill
Arun Crescent Playground16 Arun CrescentInvercargill
Arundel Crescent Playground14 Arundel CrescentInvercargill
Ascot Terrace Playground70 Ascot TerraceInvercargill
Avon Road Playground72 Avon RoadInvercargill
Baxter Street Playground34 Baxter StreetInvercargill
Brown Street Playground136 Brown StreetInvercargill
Centre Street Playground312 Centre StreetInvercargill
Chelmsford Street Playground270 Chelmsford StreetInvercargill
Chesney Street Playground47 Chesney StreetInvercargill
Conway Crescent Playground83 Conway CrescentInvercargill
Crawford Street Playground151 Crawford StreetInvercargill
Cunningham Street Playground28 Cunningham StreetInvercargill
Dart Street Playground79 Dart StreetInvercargill
Derwent Crescent Playground132 Derwent CrescentInvercargill
Dipton Street Playground101 Dipton StreetInvercargill
Dome Street Playground217 Dome StreetInvercargill
Dunbeath Crescent Playground58 Dunbeath CrescentInvercargill
Edinburgh Crescent Playground73 Edinburgh CrescentInvercargill
Elizabeth Park166 John StreetInvercargill
Ettrick Street Reserve249 Ettrick StreetInvercargill
Forfar Crescent Playground24 Forfar CrescentInvercargill
Frome Street Playground26 Frome StreetInvercargill
Fulton Street Playground47 Fulton StreetInvercargill
Galway Street Playground54 Galway StreetInvercargill
Glengarry Cres Reserve15 Glengarry CrescentInvercargill
Herriot Street Playground21 Herriot StreetInvercargill
High Street Playground75 High StreetInvercargill
Holywood Terrace Playground21 Holywood TerraceInvercargill
Iona Playground8A Iona StreetInvercargill
Kildare Street Playground51 Kildare DriveInvercargill
Kinmont Crescent Playground17 Kinmont CrescentInvercargill
McQuarrie Park109 McQuarrie StreetInvercargill
Moray Crescent Playground39 Moray CrescentInvercargill
Nelson Street Playground180 Nelson StreetInvercargill
Ness Street Playground420 Ness StreetInvercargill
Newbie Street Playground60 Newbie StreetInvercargill
Newfield Park83 Wilfrid StreetInvercargill
O’Byrne Street Playground6 O’Byrne StreetInvercargill
Palmer Street Playground11 Palmer StreetInvercargill
Panton Street Playground76 Panton StreetInvercargill
Pine Crescent Playground12 Pine CrescentInvercargill
Pomona Street Playground100 Pomona StreetInvercargill
Queens Park Golf Course
(beside Boys High Car Park)
216 Queens DriveInvercargill
Queens Park Playground216 Queens DriveInvercargill
Rockdale Park401 Centre StreetInvercargill
Seddon Place Playground11 Seddon PlaceInvercargill
Skye Street Playground21 Skye StreetInvercargill
Stuart Street Playground45 Stuart StreetInvercargill
Surrey Park55 Isabella StreetInvercargill
Talbot St Reserve294 Talbot StreetInvercargill
Tanner Street Playground38 Tanner StreetInvercargill
Thomsons Bush574 Queens DriveInvercargill
Town Belt – Elles Road
(Russell Square)
191 Elles RoadInvercargill
Town Belt – Elles Road (Skate Park)57 Elles RoadInvercargill
Town Belt – Otepuni Gardens30 Forth StreetInvercargill
Town Belt – Queens Drive
(Otakaro Park)
50 Queens DriveInvercargill
Turnbull Thomson ParkBetween 433 & 443 Tay StreetInvercargill
Tweed Street Playground615 Tweed StreetInvercargill
Wagner Street Playground11 Wagner StreetInvercargill
Waiau Crescent Playground149 Waiau CrescentInvercargill
Waikiwi Domain65 Moa StreetInvercargill
Waverley Park225 King StreetInvercargill
Wicklow Street Playground32 Wicklow StreetInvercargill
Windsor Playground63 George StreetInvercargill
Bluff Camping Ground21 Gregory StreetBluff
Bluff Skate Park125 Gore StreetBluff
Gore Street Playground26 Gore StreetBluff
JG Ward Reserve315 Gore StreetBluff
Slaney Street Reserve73 Slaney StreetBluff
John Street Reserve9 John StreetOtatara
Matua Road Reserve37 Matua RoadOtatara
Otatara Community Playground46 Oreti RoadOtatara
Sandy Point – Fosbender Park310 Dunns RoadOtatara
Sandy Point – Water Ski Area9 Daffodil Bay RoadOtatara
Taiepa Dune Reserve83 Taiepa RoadOtatara
Kennington, Myross Bush
Kennington Reserve11 Rimu RoadKennington
Myross Bush Domain238 Mill Road NorthMyross Bush


Matua Road Reserve

Location 37 Matua Road, Otatara. Access Pedestrian access is along the mown grass access strip of the western boundary from Matua Road. Vehicles can be parked on the roadside. Play equipment Swing Dogs Matua Road Reserve is a dog on lead area Map

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Taiepa Dune Reserve

Location North east area of the reserve by Grant Road Play equipment Swings Slide Play module with climbing and hanging features Map

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Kennington Reserve

Location 11 Rimu Road Access The reserve can be accessed from Rimu Road and Second Street. Play Equipment Double swing Sports facilities 2 tennis/netball courts Map

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Myross Bush Domain

Location 238 Mill Road North, 275 Drysdale Road Access Access to the reserve is off Mill Road North. Vehicles can be parked onsite at the car park. Play Equipment seesaw Sports Facilities 1 Rugby Field 2 tennis/netball courts Map

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Arun Crescent Playground

Location 16 Arun Crescent Access The playground’s primary frontage is on to Arun Crescent. There is also a walkway between the park and Tummel Street. Play equipment Slide Double swing Single seesaw Map

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Arundel Crescent Playground

Location 14 Arundel Crescent Access The playground fronts onto Arundel Crescent, with an access way from Kilmarnock Avenue. Play Equipment Merry-go-round Four seat sprung seesaw Double swings (including infant double swing) Balance beam – check if this still exists? Modular unit Spring rocker Snow rider Map

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