Parks planning

Planning and management documents prepared for the Invercargill and Bluff parks and reserves managed by the Parks Division are available on this page.


Parks Strategy

Parks Manager Robin Pagan - 19 January 2016
Parks Manager Robin Pagan pictured in January 2016 after marking 50 years of service with the Parks Department. Picture: Cathy Lowther (click the image for a larger version)

The strategy is intended to cover a planning period of 10 years (to 2023), with a review to reflect actual growth and community needs/expectations in five years (to 2018). The document includes a framework for reserve management plans to be prepared, general development standard guidelines for each park category, identification of current deficiencies and future needs for each type of park, development contribution requirements and it establishes levels of service for each park category.

Playground Strategy

This document provides a long-term plan for the cost-effective and efficient provision of playgrounds across the municipality. It was adopted by Council on August 19, 2014 and any further details will be looked at through the Long Term Plan process.

Management plans

Anderson Park
Argyle Park
Donovan Park
Elizabeth Park

Environmental Reserves: Omnibus Management Plan
The Omnibus Management Plan for Environmental Reserves was approved at a meeting on November 22, 2011 by the Invercargill City Council. The full plan has also been broken down into the following  files:

Ettrick Street Reserve
Greenpoint Domain

Linkage Reserves
Linkage Reserves Omnibus Management Plan – 2014
Ball Street Reserve, Elston Lea Reserve, Holywood Terrace Reserve, Mavora Reserves,  Otepuni Creek, Stead Street Reserve, Talbot Street Reserve and West Bank Reserve

Myers Reserve

Neighbourhood Parks
Neighbourhood Parks – Section 1 (A-D)
Introduction, objectives, policies. Playground areas: Arun Crescent Playground to Dunbeath Crescent Playground

Neighbourhood Parks – Section 2 (E-N)
Playground areas: Edinburgh Crescent Reserve to Newbie Street Playground

Neighbourhood Parks – Section 3 (O to W)
Plaground areas: Ottrey Street Playground to Wicklow Street Playground. Also: Sequence for Development, Administration, Plan Amendment and Review.

Otatara Scenic Reserve Plan – 2014


Queens Park Management Plan
The document has been split into these sections:
QP – Title Pages and Introduction

QP Section 1 – Background Part 1

QP Section 1 – Background I Part 2
QP Section 1 – Background Part 3 (11MB)
QP Section 1 – Background Part 4 (8.5MB)

QP – Section 2
 Vision and Management Objectives
QP – Section 3
QP Section 4 – Development and Change
Queens Park Management Plan Amendment: This relates to the Development and Change Section.
Robinson Park
Rural Reserves Omnibus Management Plan 2012
Sandy Point Domain Management Plan – July 2013


Sports Fields Reserves Omnibus Plan – 2014
Includes Bain Park, McQuarrie Park, Surrey Park, Teviot Street Reserve, Turnbull Thomson Park, Waikiwi Domain and Waverley Park.


Thomsons Bush Management Plan


Town Belt
Town Belt – Final Management Plan 2013


Parks Dog Control Policy and related documents