Matua Road Reserve

Environmental Reserves Management Plan

Matua Road Reserve is made up of two blocks of bush to the north and south with a grassy strip separating them. The open grassed area provides informal recreation activities and includes a swing.

Location and Access

Matua Road Reserve is located at 37 Matua Road, Otatara.  Residential properties surround the north, east and western parts of the reserve and vegetation continues to spread as it backs onto Matua Grove to the south.

Visitors can access Matua Road Reserve by foot along the mown grass access strip of the western boundary from Matua Road.  Vehicles can be parked on the roadside.

General Use

Matua Road Reserve is appreciated for its scenic value, as this remnant contributes to the significant sand dune and sand plain forest remnants of the Otatara-Sandy Point area that are considered to be nationally important.

The grassed area currently provides an open space for public use, enjoyment and recreation at any time.